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Walrus, NY — The funny fat walrus sits in the sea where the weather is freezing and cold as can be.
His whiskers are droopy and his tusks are white and he doesn’t do much but sit day and night.

Mastodons & Sasquatch

Backskating Defencemen
Special Brew

200 Fat Kangaroos
The brown kangaroo is very funny, she leaps and runs and hops like a bunny. And on her stomach is a pocket so wide her baby can jump in and go for a ride!
Zebras of Persia
The zebra has black and white stripes, of course, and he looks just like a tiny horse. Each day in the jungle he gallops along, he may be small but his legs are strong.

Evil Empire
Tamarind Worcester

François de La Rochefoucauld
Belshazzar, the King, made a great feast to a thousand of Lords, and drank wine before the thousand. Belshazzar, whilst he tasted the wine, commanded them to bring the Golden and Silver Vessels which his father Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the temple, which was in Jerusalem; that the King and his Princes, his Wives and his Concubines, might drink therein.”

Prince de Marcillac

Marple’s Amazon

(December 31, 1943 – October 12, 1997) Denver was one of the most popular singer-songwriter hippies of the 1970s. He was an avid pilot, and died while flying his personal aircraft at the age of 53. The Colorado state legislature also adopted Rocky Mountain High as one of its state songs in 2007.

Abraham Lincoln’s Hat
Bambi’s Fat Children
The Big Grumpy Horse

A Blackened Beauty
Blue Fairy Tale Books
Mr. Davy Crockett’s Hat

Sir Robinson’s Crusoe
The Wizard of Ozzy
Zebras are Little Horses

Bad Manners
Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.

The Curious Case of Plan B
Nothing like a little hyperbole first thing on a Sunday morning. When it comes to looking out for the interests
of consumers, Republicans don’t want a check on the banks and they’re using the excuse of not having any soul.

Twisted Gates of Steel

Queen Fat

“Miyamoto had an important message to impart on the youth of today: do not eat the red magic mushrooms”


By far the LARGEST AND BEST TRAVELING, consisting of 5 LIFE-SIZED MODELS, in Eight Large
Caravans, Drawn by Twenty Magnificent Draught Horses, will visit East Hartlepool, IL. One Day Only.

Experience the Grapes


In 2000, CBS presented the television movie Take Me Home: The John Denver Story loosely based
on his memoirs, starring Chad Lowe. Denver’s brother, Ron Deutschendorf, voiced the feelings of
many of the singer’s fans when he wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times criticizing the film’s many

Guarda e Parla
gwar-dah ay par-lah
Ti voglio bene!
tee vohl-yoh bay-nay
E questo é tutto
kwes-toh ay too-toh

Mira y Habla
mee-rah ee ah-blah
¡Te amo!
tay áh-moh
Esto es todo
ess-toh ess toh-doh
¡Hasta la vista!
ah-stah lah vee-stah

See and Say
see and say
I love you!
i luv yoo
That’s all
thats awl

a funny fat
fatty sits up
Oh, Penguin. The black and white penguin is a
bird who can’t fly, he lives in the South Pole where
it’s cold and dry. His bill is yellow and his flippers
are wide. And he walks with a waddle from side to side.
Thanks, Mario, for making us lots of money

Clifford Doggs


The brown panda bear is big in size with funny black circles around his eyes.
His face is woolly and white as can be, and he loves to swim to climb a tree.
Eviction Notice Hand-Delivered
He has four floppy flippers instead of four feet
and long droopy whiskers and a smile that is sweet.

Mollusk Kingfishers

Shirley Temple’s Fairyland
It looks like Fats Domino had a devastating moment during Sat- xxxxxxxxxxxx
urday night’s Iowa debate. At one point he offered Rick a $10 thou- xxxxxssx
sand dollar bet, and the Democrats already see a messaging moxxxxxxxxxxxx


The Harriet Series
Delicious in a
Tom Collins too!
16 to 1
How dry can
you get? Very.
With that true
Tequila Zing!
New 6 New
Safety-Minded? Ask About the Queen’s First
Double Eagle
& Safety Lifeguard Sparkplugs

Crate & King
Bulk Refined Sugar Smacks
London • Amsterdam • Chicago • Quebec • Mechanicsville

On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!
but before you go, make sure
you have the best type possible
by Mrs. James Ward Thorne
With eight text styles
(fine-tuned to be read comfortably in long blocks of copy at small sizes)
& twelve display cuts
(designed with more flair and finer details to dazzle in headlines and titles)
before the third period, but each time the Red Wings answered a little more than a minute later to snuff out any momentum. They added a back-breaking goal with 22 seconds remaining in the second period to take a four-goal lead.
Furthermore, the last time the Kings allowed eight goals in a game was Oct. 12, 2007, an 8 – 6 loss to visiting Boston. Bernier, a 19-year-old rookie at the time, made his third career start in the loss and allowed seven goals. He lost two days
Wings and did not return to the NHL for another 2 1/2 years ... The Kings have allowed 12 more goals than they’ve scored in first period this season.
Up Next: Monday at Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 p.m. (PT) on channel 365.

Red Wings Scoring Goals
Top Line Is Unstoppable As Playoffs Begin

DETROIT, MI – Back when I stated the Detroit Red Wings would have a chance to redeem themselves after the heart-breaking loss to the Nashville Predators on Thursday, December 15, I had no

“It was Bertuzzi’s second
goal in as many games and
thirteenth of the season.”

idea the redemption would amount to a full scale throttling of the Los Angeles Kings. A Fan’s Reaction: The Red Wings absolutely dominated the Kings by the score of 8 – 2 on Saturday, December 17.
Detroit improves to 20 – 10 on the season while Los Angeles drops to 14 – 14. Detroit got off to a quick start with Drew Miller and Cory Emmerton each scoring within the first two minutes of the game. The Red Wings were out for blood and goaltender Jimmy Howard had plenty to make up for after his last appearance in the net. Niklas Kronwall added a goal of his own just over eight minutes in making the score 3 – 0 in favor of the Red Wings. That was it for Kings’ goaltender Jonathan Quick, who was removed after giving up three goals on seven shots. Backup goaltender Jonathan Bernier would take over duties for the remain
der of the game. The goaltender change must have given the Kings some confidence as Los Angeles finally got on the board as Davis Drewiske slipped one past Howard to narrow the Red Wings’ lead to 3 – 1. Just over a minute later, Cory Emmerton found the net for the second time in the period to give Detroit a 4 – 1 lead heading into the first well-deserved intermission. The second period remained quiet for the first half until Jarret Stoll cut the Detroit lead to 4 – 2. Los Angeles would be shut down for the remainder of the night while the Red Wings would have their way with Bernier. Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk would each add a goal of their own to give Detroit a 6 – 2
NHL Cracks Down on Whining pg. 10
Stanley Cup Finals Preview pg. 28
Can It Get Any Worse For Crosby pg. 37
Hamstring Is Sore Subject pg. 45
More Controversy Over Dirty
Mascots at Ole Miss pg. 69

Los Angeles Kings

Detroit Red Wings

Goals: LA – Drew Drewiske (2), Jarret Stoll (3) DET – Pavel
Datsyuk (10), Cory Emmerton (3, 4), Nic Kronwall (7),
Drew Miller (5, 6), Brad Stuart (4), Hank Zetterberg (8)

New York Rangers

Phoenix Coyotes

Goals: NYR – Marion Gaborik (17), Brad Richards (12)
PHO – Lauri Korpikoski (8), Cal O’Reilly (1)

Boston Bruins

Philadelphia Flyers

Goals: BOS – Zdeno Chara (7), Nathan Horton (9), Milan
Lucic (11), Dan Paille (6), Benoit Pouliot (5)

Edmonton Oilers

San Jose Sharks

Goals: Edm – Jordan Eberle (12), Ryan Jones (10) SJ – Martan
Harriet Display
Grind-house Crunch
Barnyard Up

Soul Crusher!

Fredric Morrissey

Subliminal Beats
Cosmic Surfer

Maxwell Pants


Harry Bridges
Whetstone Saltier

Country Defences

Midnight St
The Invisible Man


Harriet Text

with Hexachlorophene!

Litla, rauð skopparakringlan
sagði við litla skipið:

„Ég er lítil, rauð skopparakringla,
og ég kann ekki að spinna.
Viltu kenna mér að spinna?“


Fried Pickles With Ranch

Appetizers & Sides
fried lemons, house pickles, sweet potato mustard 6
celery root soup, sourdough croutons, rosemary cream 8
majestic nursery lettuces, banyuls vinaigrette, croutons 9
michigan char roe, egg, cauliflower, brioche 18
whipped chicken liver, crispy shallot, harissa 10
Entrees & Paides sdsv
spit-roasted pork loin, lots of delicious fat, brown sugar
farro, onion rings, anchovy dressing –32xxxxxxxxss
buttermilk-fried scallops, tomato crème fraîche, illinois
black beans, green onions, salaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
strozzapreti, beef bolognese, garlic breadssssssssssssss

Wood-Grilled Cheeseburger
American-style entree consisting of a patty of grilled, fried, or seared ground beef topped by a
slice of cheese, wrapped with two halves of a bun. Common cheeses include American, Swiss, and Wiz.

tall ascenders &
short caps create more
legible word shapes
how sexy does
this bowl g look?
FYI, this isn’t an
ink trap, it’s a
script inspired
joining stroke
exaggerated ball
details add visual
interest and texture
simpler, sturdier
text details improve
legiblity and reproduction
refined display
details are meant to
look good big

iraffe: The yellow giraffe is tall as can be. His lunch is a bunch of leaves off a tree. He has a very long neck and his legs are long, too. And he can run faster than his friends in the zoo. Walrus: The funny fat walrus sits in the sea where the weather is freezing and cold as can be. His wiskers are droopy and his tusks are white and he doesn’t do much but sit day and night. Porcupine: The small round animal with quills on his spine looks like a pincushion and is called porcupine. The sharp quills protect his body of yellow so please don’t touch this prickly

angaroo: The brown kangaroo is very funny, she leaps and runs and hops like a bunny. And on her stomach is a pocket so wide her baby can jump in and go for a ride! Super Tiger: “Grrrrrr” says the tiger who is very mean. With orange and black stripes and eyes of green. He lives in the jungle and looks like a cat, but I would’t want to meet a cat like that. Leopard: Look out for the leopard who leaps from a tree. The wildest, the fiercest, the meanest is he. He body is orange with lots and lots of big black dots called leopard spots. We

olar Bear: In the cold, cold North where there’s snow in the air lives white, fuzzy, furry polar bear. He’s a very good swimmer and he things it’s nice to take a nap on a of ice. Penguin: The black and white penguin is a bird who can’t fly, he lives in the South Pole where it’s cold and dry. His bill is yellow and his flippers are wide. And he walks with a waddle from side to side. Reindeer: The reindeer has antlers on his head and at Christmas time he pulls a sled. He lives in the North Pole where it snows the most but his thick brown fur coat keeps him

eal: In the frozen North lives the shiny black seal who pops in the water and eats fish for his meal. He has four floppy flippers instead of four feet and long droopy whiskers and a smile that is sweet. Hippopotamus: The lazy hippo has a mouth full of teeth and a fat brown body with short legs beneath. On his head are two tusks that are small but strong. He sits in the water and eats all day long. Skunk: The skunk has a bushy tail of black and a wide, white stripe running down his back. But don’t take him home as a pet, for he’s the

Quark Mustangs 182
Harriet Display
Quark Mustangs 182
Harriet Text
Report Avery Plows
Harriet Display
Report Avery Plows
Harriet Text

Weather indications for this evening:
Heavy Snow, Colder, Brisk.
Wind: N.N.W. Ther.: 15° Bar.: + 30.29
Journal of Record

VOL. XXVII., Nº 342
Chicago, Ill — Monday January 11, 1981 — Twelve Pages

Girl Names A
Faithful Plum

True Story of a Dancer From China and How She Achieved Her Dream

Reviewed by Lynne Maricheno

These days, reality TV shows like “American Idol” inundate us with the sad stories of talented hopefuls, most of them eventually let down. We are enthralled by the idea of someone emerging from obscurity to achieve stardom. Making your dream come true — your own individual dream versus that of the collective — is the equivalent of the individual pursuit of happiness.
“A Girl Named Faithful Plum: The True Story of a Dancer From China and How She Achieved Her Dream,” by Michael Silversmith, a columnist for The International Herald Trib.
Forecasting Snow

Children’s Books set
In Wintry Landscapes

With the sparest text and softest watercolors, McGhee and Rosenthal lovingly evoke the pleasures of the season’s first snow. A red-capped boy makes a snowman, giving him pebble eyes, a carrot nose and, finally, his own red hat to wear. When the snow melts, the snowman doesn’t really disappear: he is in the falling water, the rain on the ocean and the fog. He is always with the boy and will always come back in this tender paean to cold weather and enduring friendship.
Inspired by a true story Carnesi heard on NPR, this small-scale book tells the harrowing story of a dog who inadvertently boarded an ice floe on the Vistula River in Poland and drifted out to the Baltic Sea. Children will whimper in commiseration with the poor chilled creature as various attempts at rescue the embassy mission season three super nintendo blog power rangers attacking dinosaur eggs for the win to go home alone
A Pit Bull Plays Cupid


According to legend, the Random House co-founder Benoit Jackman once said that to guarantee a best-selling book, you should title it “Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog.” In these dog-crazed times, you could probably skip both the president and the doctor — especially if you throw an adoring retriever or a bug-eyed terrier

“I smell cheap perfume, cinnamon, crackling chewing gum, vanilla incense, pizza, chicken gyro smoking on a cart vendor’s grill.”

on the cover. Think of “The Dogs of Babel,” “Marley & Me,” “You Had Me at Woof”; the list goes on. “Stay With Me,” Peter Griffin’s young adult addition to the dog-lit pack, prominently features a massive-headed but smiling pit bull
New Heroes
Old Villains
Same Story

Lions and Hippos and Whales
( Oh My! )

Forbidden, discouraged or dismissed by adults, comic books have always been schoolyard currency, bought and swapped by children and read avidly by nerds, whether eager or reluctant readers. (It was one way for the bookish to get the other kids to like them; trust me, I know.)
But as Françoise Cleary, the art editor at The New Yorker and founder of the Toon Books line of comic books for children, has pointed out, children got left behind when comics became comix and superheroes acquired

Type Metal That Will Not Deteriorate in Value

Always prints sharp and clear

The average North American toddler grows up with almost daily exposure to lions, hippos and elephants — even though most children have no contact with such creatures beyond a glimpse behind a wall during the occasional trip to a PETA-approved city zoo.
Not that I begrudge Ana Juan, the Spanish artist and writer (“The Night Eater”), one drop of paint for her giraffe. Or for her zebra, Paul Griffin, young adult addition to the dog-lit pack
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Herb Glass
Larry Sheerin

Larry Koller

managing editor
Don Myrus

art director
Norman Snyder

associate editor
Patricia M. Graves

assistant art director
Victor Zolfo

editorial associate
Jerald Donner

THE COVER: Woodcut by Ellen Raskin shows gentlemen armed with matched pistols as they are about to see satisfaction of their honor while the sun rises over the field. Seconds and surgeon wait to close around their man the monet discharge has taken place—hoping that if he is hit he will remain perfectly calm, courageous, and collected, treating “… the matter coolly; and if he dies, go with as good grace as possible.”

The American Gun is published quarterly by Madison Books, Inc. Offices are at 7 East 48th Street, New York 17, N. Y. Copyright © 1961, all rights reserved under the Berne, Pan-American, and Universal Copyright Conventions, by Madison Books, Inc. Reproduction without permission of any portion of the covers or contents in whole or in part, is prohibited. The American Gun is a trademark of Madison Books, Inc. Printed in the United States by Western Printing and Lithographing Co. Single copies rare priced at $6; annual subscriptions at $18. Second-class postage paid at New York, N. Y., and at additional mailing office. The American Gun will give its consideration to all unsolicited material sent to its editorial office but assumes no responsibility for it.
The American Gun

A Magazine About Guns in History and in Sport

Contents Spring 1961 Volume one — Number Two

Fred Kimble and the Chokebore Shotgun
Charles B. Roth

Target: The Distant Buck
Larry Koller

The Rugged Grouse
Harold F. Blaisdell

The Day of the Marksmen
Clifford Deowdey

Berdan’s Sharpshooters
Marshall Andrews

Fuzes, Flints, and Pyrites
Robert Held

The Target Guns of Bill Ruger
Photographed by Sid Latham

The Long, Long Rifle
Herb Glass

Backwoods Shooting Match
Norman B. Winstley

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